Born Into Brothels

 Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids
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Documentary photographer Zana Briski journeyed into Calcutta's underworld to photograph the city's prostitutes. In return, she offered to teach the prostitutes' children the basics of photography so that the kids could document their own lives on the streets of one of the world's poorest cities. The resulting photographs, often astonishing, were exhibited around the world; many of them are seen in this film, which won the Academy Award for best documentary feature in 2005.

Action Steps


1.DONATE to Project Hope through Headfirst Development.

2. MAKE CARE PACKAGES to send to kids living in the Hope House refuge in Calcutta.

3.BUY THE BOOK Kids with Cameras. All proceeds from book sales support Kids with Cameras in fulfilling its mission.

Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman’s Born Into Brothels is both sustained and ultimately sunk by its lofty intentions.
— Richard Porton, Chicago Reader
A beautifully made essay on a filmmaker’s efforts to teach the children of Calcutta’s prostitutes the fine art of photography.
— Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
Gabriel Zimmer